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Security Guard Companies Workplace violence is an issue that many large companies have been dealing with for a long time. However, one place which has been experiencing an increase in workplace violence and assaults are hospitals. New research shows that almost half of emergency physicians say they have been physically assaulted at work. This kind […]

Security Company in LA

Security Company in LA Robberies are happening every minute, and the majority of these crimes could be prevented with the use of security companies in LA. Some of the most common robberies are in drug stores, gas stations, supermarkets, and small stores. Not only do these robberies put the lives of the employees in danger […]

Private Security Company LA

Private Security Company LA A new industry that is looking into private security companies in LA, is hotels. Many hotel companies are struggling with sexual harassment, theft, and break in issues and a simple solution to some of these issues would be to hire a private security company in LA. Institutions like hotels have a […]

Security Guards in LA

Security Guards in LA Hiring security guards in LA is a lot cheaper and easier than just relying on police protection. The Palisades Park school district hired a police officer to their schools for a week due to their security guard program being suspended. And it ended up costing the school more than $3,700, which […]