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Private Security Guard Training

Training for crisis and dangerous situations is essential for ensuring public safety. In June, a woman named Wendi Winters was shot and killed after an active shooter invaded her office building. However, instead of running away and hiding, this woman tried to stop the shooter by running at him with trash cans. She had just […]

Private Security Company

The gunman in the Borderline bar shooting might have had PTSD from when he served in the military. David Long served in the Marine Corps for five years and was stationed in Afghanistan with a corporal rank. This officer was highly trained in weapons and sneak attacks. It is dangerous so train men in these […]

Security Guard Agency

Security Guard Agency On Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 a marine combat veteran opened fire using a handgun in a bar in Thousand Oaks. The bar didn’t have heavy security, the man walked in with a .45 caliber handgun and opened fire on the crowds of people dancing and drinking. He shot the first person in […]

Security Guard Company

Security Guard Company America’s police departments are pressured to protect everyone, and keep crime rates down even when dealing with budget cuts and staff reduction. Police departments believe that it would greatly benefit both security guard companies and police departments with two sets of feet on the ground. Relationships between public-private partnerships are essential in […]