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Workplace violence is an issue that many large companies have been dealing with for a long time. However, one place which has been experiencing an increase in workplace violence and assaults are hospitals. New research shows that almost half of emergency physicians say they have been physically assaulted at work. This kind of statistic is unacceptable, especially in places where people go to seek help. Hospitals and ambulances are essential to the success and wellbeing of our society. Nurses, paramedics, and doctors spend years learning how to help and heal others, and they should not face situations like these. Hospitals, of all places, should have high security because of all of the dangerous tools being used, the amount of people entering and exiting the building, how large the buildings are, and how many people are working in the building. Most hospitals do have security guards, but those that do not must look for security guard companies. However, even hospitals that have hires security guard companies do not go to the lengths needed to protect the employees. According to a study, the majority of the physicians and patients who were assaulted and reported it to the company or security guard company said that there was nothing done about the issue. Security guard companies dealing with such important staff need to be trained and prepared to file lawsuits against patients who assault their employees. It is not enough just to be present and act as a threat to criminals, but these security guard companies must be prepared to take legal and physical action against them. Employees in such important and fragile situations need to be protected against assault, especially when a security guard company is being paid to protect them from such situations. Assault reports need to be taken seriously and action must be taken, or people will continue to experience these traumatic situations. Hospitals are very fragile environments where patients and their family can and will be violent or inappropriate with nurses of physicians. In a recent study, 96% of women and 80% of men working in emergency departments have been assaulted. Almost half of these cases involve the employee being hit or slapped by a patient. It is already difficult to work with emotionally and physically unstable people, but to also deal with violence and anger toward you directly just makes the job significantly harder. Security guard companies should be constantly patrolling the halls of hospitals and every nurse or physician should have an emergency button which will call security guards to come to their assistance if needed. There are not many other ways to avoid workplace violence in such a crazy environment, and it is extremely important to protect these employees who are doing a great service to our communities. Hiring a security guard company is the best answer to making sure everyone is safe, and there is a way for employees to feel protected. These rising statistics need to stop before we start seeing a decline in the number of emergency staff entering into this field of work.