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Private Security Van Nuys

Private Security Van Nuys One of the biggest parts of private security has been video surveillance. It has been low-quality, blurry video recordings usually from bad angles that don’t always capture the actual crimes that occur. However, security companies in Van Nuys, and other advanced cities have switched over to a new type of video […]

Fire watch in LA

Fire watch security is when a company or building is in the process of having a fire alarm and sprinkler system installed and need trained professionals to stand watch and protect the building in the case of a fire. Fire watch in LA is usually found through private security companies. It is not only a […]

Private Security Companies In Los Angeles

There are a handful of robberies that happen every day in Los Angeles, most of which can be avoided if stores hired private security companies in Los Angeles. Stores with expensive merchandise such as jewelry stores, electronic stores, car dealerships, etc. deal with constant threats of robbery. There are many private security companies in Los […]

Security guard in Reseda

Security guard in Reseda Protective Shield Security is serving  LA County, San Diego County, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County  that can provide security services in these areas. Protective Shield Security  carries a $2,000,000 Insurance policy that provides Important financial protection for both our company and our clients. In situationsa that require a greater […]