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Security Company Los Angeles

There are many security companies in los angeles who can provide highly trained guards. Security guards training has become much more intense, due to the recent mass shootings. One of the most efficient ways to train security guards is with situational training. When one is in the middle of a high stress situation, motor skills […]

Private Security Guard Training

Training for crisis and dangerous situations is essential for ensuring public safety. In June, a woman named Wendi Winters was shot and killed after an active shooter invaded her office building. However, instead of running away and hiding, this woman tried to stop the shooter by running at him with trash cans. She had just […]

Private Security Company

The gunman in the Borderline bar shooting might have had PTSD from when he served in the military. David Long served in the Marine Corps for five years and was stationed in Afghanistan with a corporal rank. This officer was highly trained in weapons and sneak attacks. It is dangerous so train men in these […]

security guard company in Torrance

Protective Shield Security is serving  LA County, San Diego County, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County  that can provide security services in these areas. Protective Shield Security  carries a $2,000,000 Insurance policy that provides Important financial protection for both our company and our clients. In situations that require a greater amount, we will arrange […]